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Videowall processor for dynamic video images at festivals

Prismax recently started working with the CORIOmaster of tvONE with which they offer customers the best of the best during large events. On their search for efficient equipment Prismax found Intronics and the CORIOmaster. Th video wall processor offers an efficient approach for building video wall systems. The solution is modular, scalable and easy to use use which makes it ideal for Prismax. 

Fast switching between several outputs

A main stage at festivals has up to six full HD outputs. Previously Prismax used equipment with fixed inputs and outputs. Mainly due to the growing demand for LED and the increasingly larger LED screens, there was need for a modular system where you can easily switch inputs and outputs. With bulky shows it was difficult to switch quickly between visuals and live images.

In search for better solutions Ruben Gorissen from Prismax found the CORIOmaster from tvONE. "A big advantage is that you can use the CORIOgrapher software on the website. With the software you can view the functionalities before you buy the system, "says Ruben. "We quickly found out that the English manufacturer, tvONE, delivered what we were looking for, but we preferred a Belgian supplier for the local contacts and support. We turned to Intronics and they have worked very fast. We wanted to see a demo from the CORIOmaster and they quickly arranged one. One thing led to another and now we are proud owner of a CORIOmaster, "adds Ruben. 

CORIOmaster; modular, scalable, easy to use

The shows from Prismax are quite intense. The VJs are often abroad to help at the shows on sight. The visuals that the VJs use during the show are made in Mechelen. Here a team works full time to design the images. The flexibility and know-how in the area of visual concepts, designs and the live representation of this makes Prismax a unique player within the sector. Almost every DJ in the top 30 has a team with own VJs and visuals. With the CORIOmaster VJs change smoothly and without loss of time with each other because they can test their set in advance. Before the performance starts it is a matter of plug and play and the guest VJs have access to production and screens. The CORIOmaster makes it possible to organize events by configurating in advance and has a low learning curve. The operation is easy and fast to master.
Another big advantage is the scalability and that the processor is modular. With a small production it is possible to use a few inputs and outputs. But the CORIOmaster is also easy to expand to a larger amount of inputs and outputs. Ruben Gorissen thinks this is a great added value compared to others video systems that have fixed factory settings. "Eight years ago you had to use different cables for each set, nowadays everything is fixed together and in a compact size. 

Collaboration between Intronics, Prismax and tvON

During the purchase process Prismax wanted to have contact with tvONE to exchange thoughts and ideas about the installation process and improvements for the future. "I found the collaboration between Prismax, Intronics and tvONE very pleasant. "says Ruben. "Intronics has arranged a meeting with tvONE were we could ask questions and talked about new ideas. The event industry is developing rapidly, we want to innovate constantly. "Thanks to this close collaboration tvONE can respond to wishes of Prismax for new features and keep on developing the CORIOmaster. Not only for Prismax but for the whole event industry.

CORIOmaster debuted on the biggest festival of the world:

Prismax and Tommorowland has worked together for some years now. “It always is a nice experience working with Tommorowland, especially because of the great people.” Says Ruben. This year the visuals were provided by Prismax again, for the first time with the CORIOmaster. The challenge was to manage more than 1000 square meter LED walls. This could be tested beforehand in Prismax's own test lab. Currently Prismax prepares a similar kind of show, in format, in Dubai. After this the CORIOmaster flies to a festival in Singapore.
Prismax will use the CORIOmaster for large events where switching is needed between multiple outputs. Often festivals hire a third party for switching between the different sources. Thanks to the CORIOmaster Prismax can offer their customers a one-stop-shop show production. 

Creative video wall design software for the CORIOmaster

CORIOgrapher is the video wall design software for the CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini. Make a playlist with CORIOgrapher and the CORIOmaster will show it. It is possible to combine 4K video and still images in one playlist. CORIOgrapher works offline and is easy to operate by drag-and-drop.

About Prismax:

Prismax is a Belgian company that creates custom motion graphics, take care of the live operating and offer technical support. With over 10 years of experience and a team of 8 dedicated specialists, they energize every event beyond expectations. From extensive LED screen setups to projection on buildings, they make it happen. Prismax has done projects for Vogue Qater, top DJs (Martin Solveig, Lost Frequencies and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike) and the biggest festival in the world; Tomorrow Land. 

AV solutions are tested in our own AV test-lab

Our Audio/Video team is focuses on the professional audio/video and command and control (KVM) market. Through years of experience in the professional AV and KVM world, Intronics thinks in solutions, not in products. We know the market, give independent advice, deliver different AV solutions. These solutions are tested in our own fully equipped AV test lab.

The AV Lab is used for pre- and after-sales support such as:
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  • Developing central knowledge

Our AV professionals are ready to help

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