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Virtual video-3D decor RTL livetheater

In the theater world virtual 3D decors are on the rise, with their unlimited possibilities AV projection is a very popular technique that can lift the stage of any type of performance to a higher level with minimal delay. With a projection system including TV One's CORIOmaster, RTL Live Entertainment is a leader in their industry. The TVONE CORIOmaster is a versatile, cost-effective and easy-to-use stand-alone video processor for creating high-impact video experiences. RTL Live Entertainment gives us an exclusive look into her kitchen and shows how TVONE helps to create a total experience with video projection.

Affordable and complete video projection system 

RTL Live Entertainment approached system integrator Hulskamp Audiovisueel for the application of a multi-display control system, where content and sources can be switched. Hulskamp Audiovisual turned to Intronics for help. Arjen Pels, AV Technician at Hulskamp, got the assignment to install an affordable but complete system: "The CORIOmaster of TV One offers a lot of possibilities and the flexibility to put different layouts with different sources together. It also gives the extra control necessary for large events."

Minimal delay and support for each video format
The AV projection is controlled in Studio21 by WATCHOUT, a multi-display production and display system. In addition to displaying scenery and show images, live camera images are regularly shown, often involving a delay of more than 5 frames. The delay was variable and also very present. With the CORIOmaster, the delay is reduced to a minimum delay of a max. of 1 to 2 frames. WATCHOUT enters the CORIOmaster as 5 HD sources, after which it is sent to 8 outputs via the CORIO setup. This possibility of multiple outputs is a big advantage. In addition, any video format can be offered; Studio21 uses both DVI and HD-SDI.

Simple programming with TVONE's CORIOmaster

With a large number of presets, the CORIOmaster can respond well to the dynamics of a show environment. "The CORIOmaster is now the driving force behind the projection system at Studio 21. In a show environment, everything has to be done on-the-fly; There is no charging, so programming is of unprecedented importance for the technical staff."
In this project, Hulskamp has installed 7 projectors and controls 6 LED screens, the images are all aligned. For example, there are 2 HD sources that provide 3 blended projectors from the main stage with images.  "The CORIOmaster combines these 2 HD sources and controls these projectors," says Pels.

Arjen Mooij is an independent AV Technician who is responsible for image projection at Studio21. He is satisfied with the solution offered by Hulskamp: "You want to get the most out of the available equipment. In addition, we must be able to set as much as possible in advance; extensive programming is therefore an important criteria for the solution.”
Many shows in Studio 21 are completely programmed using timecode; only small actions are still performed manually. Image, light and sound are automated and linked. The orchestra plays live during the performances with support of a tape; guitar presets are controlled via MIDI from a digital mixer.

Virtual 3D decor

With the recent addition of the life-size LED wall, Studio21 offers a total of 50 meters of screen projection. With a huge electrical gauze screen, projected images can be combined with people on stage or with decors, creating an impressive 3D effect. 

The most sophisticated techniques at Studio21

Studio21, operated by RTL Live Entertainment, is one of the most modern and complete event venues in Europe. With its advanced sound system, modern light ceiling, laser technology, a rain curtain and fountains, RTL Live Entertainment has been able to make every production successful for years.

It is important to create a total experience that is optimal for every visitor, but also to offer the flexibility to support the '21 On Air' show one day and to reinforce an event like a company presentation the other day. A virtual setting  is perfect for many different experiences.

The CORIOmaster fits well within the modern character of Studio21. Studio 21 has, for example, a virtual system that is fully sync on timecode, so every show remains the same in terms of automation. Sound, light, video and laser get the same timecode so they can be programmed.

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