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Power supply cables

Power supply cables

Power cords deliver power to hardware devices. Intronics provides different types of power cords: CEE7/7, Euro, UK and US cables. All this cables stand for excellent performance (quality) and durability. Our range of power cables consists of: ACT and IECLock. 

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ACT power cords

ACT provides many kinds of power cords: CEE7/7, IEC60320 C5, C7, C13, C14, C19, C20, IEC60309 CEE1. ACT also provides various types of power split cables.

Power cords in different colors

Besides the traditional black power cords we supply the IEC60320 C13, C14, C19 and C20 cables in different colors to make your power manageable.

What are IEC Lock power cables?

The IEC Lock connectors protect your equipment against power outages, increasing operational reliability. The cables have a red lug at the top of the connector, when you release the lug when plugging in, the connector will clamp to your equipment. This locking method makes it possible to use IEC Lock in combination with all standard IEC inlets.

Step-by-step IEC Lock:

Step 1 - Plug the connector into the standard C14 IEC chassis part. The connector is immediately fixed.
Step 2 - The connector can not be pulled out accidentally
Step 3 - Slide the red lug back to unlock the connector

What are IEC Lock+ power cords?

IEC Lock+ is further developed from IEC Lock and has in addition to the unlocking lug also a pull-out. With this pull-out it is possible to unlock connectors that are close to each other easily.

Our professionals are ready to help

Our professionals are ready to help you. Please let us know if you need additional information or assistance in choosing a suitable solution.

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