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Compatible transceivers

Optical transceivers for fiber optic

Intronics, together with Skylane Optics, supplies a complete portfolio of fiber optic transceivers. These optical transceivers also called SFP modules or mini GBIC modules. Optical transceivers are used to connect swiches and servers through glass. The fiber optic modules can be encoded for compatibility with the A-brand network switches and servers.
With traditional network equipment and twisted pair (UTP) cabling, the cable is directly connected to the network device such as a switch or server. For fiber optics, the fiber optic cable is connected to an optical transceiver that is being plugged into the network equipment. The optical receiver is an intermediate step to increase the flexibility of used network equipment such as switches and servers.

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Choose the right optical transceiver

The wavelength of the laser or led light source determines the maximum distance and the speed of the link. In the market there is a large variety of encodings used by various brands such as Cisco and HP.
To choose the right transceiver, the following parametres are important:
  • the network protocol
  • the speed
  • the wavelength (multimode or single mode)
  • the maximum distance to be bridged
  • the platform that will be used
Intronics supplies Skylane Optics with equivalent transceivers for all renowned brands.

Transceivers are available in different standards (form factor)

  • QSFP28
  • CFP4
  • CFP2
  • CFP
  • QSFP+
  • SFP28
  • XFP
  • X2
  • SFP+
  • SFP
  • GBIC
The above options are performed at different wavelengths for use in CWDM and DWDM solutions. We also offer CWDM multiplexers from Skylane Optics.

Waranty and Compatibility with major brands

Skylane Optics is compatible with all brands in the field of network equipment. These brands conform to the standards in optics. However, some major players choose to provide their optics with an encoding required for Compatibility with their Equipment.
Skylane Optics transceivers are encoded to ensure compatibility. These are also compatible with Cisco, Hewlett Packard (HP), Avaya, D-Link, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, etc. (All listed brand names are the property of the respective brand owners). The warranty and support are hereby guaranteed.
The compliance document of Skylane Optics mentions declarations of manufacturers that waranty keeps valid with use of third party transceivers.
According to European competition rules, network equipment manufacturers are mandatory warranty and support also when using components (in this case optics) from other brands. A familiar feeling to know that Skylane is not only compatible with the A brands of network equipment, but also the warranty and support are legally guaranteed.

Skylane Optics offers a 100% quality control

Intronics has chosen Skylane Optics because it is a European supplier that performs 100% quality control and provides extensive support for questions.

Advantages of Intronics & Skylane Optics optical transceiver modules

  • Up to 5 coding per optic for use with different brands
  • Attractive pricing
  • 100% quality control
  • Short delivery (1-3 days)
  • Support

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