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Intronics website help

Although we have tried to create  a website that is easy to use, we can imagine that you have some questions related to the website use.

Please call us or drop us a note if your questions is not answered or something else is unclear. 
All prices on the Intronics website are based on our mutual price agreements. When you are on the product detail page you can see your price. If you want to know if you can get a better price when buying a bigger quantity please "view volume pricing". When you enter a higher number the correct price will be shown in your basker. So please do check the basket to see your adjusted price.
During the ordering process you will see the number of products we do have on stock. If there is no stock available this can mean that we are out of stock or that we do not keep stock for the item selected.

The website will give an indication of the date when we can ship the number of products you would like to order.

Please note that this is an indication based on our purchasing history.

Please contact us to check the most reliable delivery time.
At the my account section you can select my orders. You can see which orders are "pending" These orders are not processed yet.

On the shippping date you can see the date we expect to ship the goods. This shipping date can be updated based on new purchasing information. 
During the check-out during the first step you can enter the shipping address. This can be the dropshipment address.

In the second step you can enter two references. I you enter a reference in the field "enduser reference" this reference will be printerd on the packing list and the order will be shipped as a "neutral" shipment. 
Sometimes you have a shipping address that you want to use more often but that is not stored yet in your account in the webshop.

For a one time shipment you can enter a shipping address during the check out.

Unfortunately it is not possible for you to store an adress for futere use. We can enter this address for you in our ERP system and by doing this it will become selectable during check out.

Drop us a note or call us to create an additional shipping addreess. 
If you are already a customer of Intronics and want to receive a login?  please fill in this form
After you have created a new shop account, you will not be able to order products or see prices. Intronics will have to approve your account.

We will inform you when you order products on the webshop. 
Intronics sells exclusively to b2b customers. Not to consumers.

That is the reason that you will not see any prices before you are logged in. If you want to become a customer please follow this link

If you are already a customer of Intronics and want to receive a login?  please fill in this form
We offer a company several account types.

- Regular account
With this account you can see prices, see stock and see prices. You are allowed by your company to place an order.

- Account manager
As an account manager you have all the rights as a regular account and you can create a subaccount. You can create an account for orders that need to be approved or an account for somebody who is allowed to approve orders.

- Sub account
With a sub account the account manager has set some rules for ordering and approval based on the company policies.

New accounts are created as a regular account. If you want to change the account type to account manager, please contact our sales support department.

You can create subaccounts in your webshop account. These accounts are:
- an account for orders that need to be approved
- an account  for the persons that approves the orders

You need to be an account manager in your webshop account in order to do this.

You can check if you are an account manager by going to the my account section and check if have the option "Manage sub-accounts" is available.

If you do not have this option, please contact us so we can activate this for you. Off course you must be allowed by your company to create sub-accounts.

The steps are:
- create new sub accounts
- type in the name and mailaddress. A mail will be send to the new account to create a password
- select if the new account may authorize or must be authorized
- if orders need to be authorized select the "has limited budget"option
- enter the amount that the sub account may order before the order must be authorized and select the account that may authorize

You can select mutiple step for authorization. For example below 1000 euro person "a" has to authorize and above 1000 person "b" has to authorize.