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TKH Logistics – Intronics’ logistics provider

Technology company TKH Group NV (TKH) is an internationally active group of companies specialising in the creation and delivery of innovative Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions.
The TKH core technologies –vision & security, communications, connectivity and production systems– are interlinked to form complete systems and solutions in the solutions segments and associated vertical markets TKH has defined. TKH’s goal is to use this interlinked approach to realise far-reaching synergies between the company’s various business units.

TKH Logistics

Intronics, one of the TKH Group subsidiaries, makes use of this cooperation intensively. Since several years, Intronics placed all its logistic activities at TKH Logistics, one of its sister companies within the TKH Group. TKH Logistics is an ultra modern logistic provider which offers its customers a unique service in storage, order picking and shipment of products. For Intronics and its customers, this means:
  • A one on one link between the Intronics ERP system and the TKH Logistics warehouse management system (VIADAT) through a unique interface
  • A fully automated warehouse system
  • Complete transparency (interface, extensive camera security on site)
  • Maximal stock reliability (continuous interface between VIADAT and our ERP)
  • A minimal number of errors through automated control (<0,1%)
  • Increased flexibility through the increased scale
  • A cost efficient process through a high level of automation and paperless communication, split use of machinery, staff and space
  • Swift stocking after goods receipt (within 8 working hours)

ISO certification

TKH Logistics is ISO certified. All waste is being sorted immediately after processing in the warehouse (plastic, paper, carton) and is being pressed into compact packages for external recycling. This way, the amount of residual waste and CO2 emissions are being minimalised A future, by TKH Logistics desired step in process optimisation would be to qualify for the ISO 14001 certificate.


The warehouse is being characterised by an enormous surface area (15,000 m2) and a dust free, compactly designed and ESD safe environment. Stocking is being split in miniload containers (representing >200,000 locations), pallet locations, drypack and exceptional goods storage. With 16 high speed cranes, the staff is enabled to do swift and accurate order picking. Most (smaller) products are being delivered from the secured miniload locations to the working stations by the high speed cranes.The employee takes out the product(s) needed and scans the order, so the product status is being communicated instantly to VIADAT and the ERP system of, in this case, Intronics (WANG). Special order picking (pallets, drypack and exceptional goods) is being done on designated locations and is being registered instantly via scanning as well.


Intronics enters its orders into its ERP system, from which TKH Logistics can process the orders via the link with its own warehouse management system (VIADAT). TKH Logistics then ensures swift order picking from stock, safe packaging and finally the shipment of the orders via multiple carriers.

Why Intronics prefers TKH Logistics

This efficient process enables TKH Logistics to offer a cost efficient service to Intronics. With a relatively low number of employees and a high number of flexibly schedulable standby employees, TKH Logistics guarantees expertise and experience within a flexible input basis. TKH Logistics also offers client specific solutions in the field of VAS.

Besides efficiency and reliability, TKH Logistics also wants to ensure maximum safety and security. Its premises is equipped with an extensive fire protection system (inergen fire-fighting equipment in server rooms, modern sprinkler system, water supply tank, fire retardant walls and doors) and emergency power supply. Moreover, an intensive intruder alarm system (protected fencing, premises area lighting andin- and external movement detectors and camera surveillance which are connected to an external emergency room) and a good ICT environment (two separate, secured server rooms, redundant computer systems and connections). There is also a solid access security system via an automated access and registration control system and an external surveillance service.
All of these modern, balanced techniques make TKH Logistics the ultimate logistic partner for Intronics.