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DVI video standard

DVI video standard

DVI is a video standard that can be called the successor of VGA. It is used to send video from a DVI source to a compatible device. There are three variants:
  • DVI-A: For analog signals
  • DVI-D: For digital signals
  • DVI-I: For analog and digital signals

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DVI versions

Within the DVI-D and DVI-I versions single-link and dual-link are distinguishes by bandwidth. Dual-link manages higher resolutions with a maximum of 1920x1080.
Examples of resolutions including refresh rates are:

High Quality (HQ) and Standard Quality (SQ) cables

We offer you both HQ and SQ cables. HQ cables have a DVI Digital Working Group certification, have two ferrite cores and are fitted with aluminum shielded hoods. You will recognize our HQ cables by means of the addition of High Quality in the product name.

SQ cables are not certified according to DVI Digital Working Group, do not have ferrite cores and are foil shielded. 

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