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Custom made cables 

In addition to the extensive range of cabling, Intronics is specialized in custom made cabling. Examples of custom-made cables are standard cables with a different length, placing the desired connector on the cable or an adjustment to the cable sheath.

Example of custom cables

• Customized UTP cable
• Custom HDMI cables with special connectors
• Custom power cable
• Custom prefab fiber optic cable including connectors
• Customized fiber optic installation cable on a reel
In the field of patch cables, fiber optic cables, audio video cables, power cables, USB cables and cable on a reel, almost everything is possible.
custom made cable connector
custom made cable connector
Custom cables drawing
Custom cables drawing

Advantage of Intronics custom made cabling

  • Extremely flexible, fast and attractively priced.
  • Thorough knowledge per area, in-house quality management.
  • We make a technical drawing for every custom made cable to assure 100% clarity for both parties.
  • It’s possible to label cables with text / labels to your specific needs.

Why choose length cable

Cabling that is too long can cause signal loss or extra heat, for example, in a server cabinet. Prevent excess lengths by choosing custom-made cables and get started immediately with the right lengths without having to use tools.

We are specialized in UTP network cabling, prefab fiber optic cables, video cabling for HDMI and DisplayPort, data cables and USB cabling in custom lengths.

Custom cable with connector and cable sheath customization

We can tailor not only the length of a cable but also the type of connector to your wishes. With equipment that is connected in different ways, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the polarity or connector.

Custom made cable with cable sheath customization

Are cables exposed to extreme conditions? Then you can choose for example, a metal protective layer, which makes the cables even more robust and better protected. 

Fully customized cable special

With the expertise, knowledge and experience of our engineering department, we are able to translate your wishes into suitable total solutions, such as special cables, extensive wiring harnesses, complete networks, cabling infrastructure and control room solutions.
Our engineers are specialized to support you with innovative solutions
for your technical challenges. Are you looking for a specific connectivity
solution? Our engineers will support you during the entire project.

Engineering a specific solution in 6 steps: 

Custom labeling

Cable management is of crucial importance within datacentres. In one glance you want to see which cables are connected. Cable labeling is possible for almost any types of cable, such as network cables (CAT6 / CAT6A), fibre optic cables, DAC cables, power cables etc.

Our professionals are ready to help

Our professionals are ready to help you. Please let us know if you need additional information or assistance in choosing a suitable solution. Please contact us for more information:

For more information, please contact us: 952 24 55 57