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With a wide range of products and more than 1 million products in stock, Intronics is the market leader in the field of ICT cabling. Our range mainly consists of ACT cabling. ACT is a leading manufacturer in copper and fiber cabling. In addition, almost anything is possible in the field of copper and fiber assemblies.

6 reasons to choose ACT:
• Wide and deep assortment• Compatible with other brands, mix and match
• Guaranteed consistent quality
• Complies with international standards
• More than 1 million cables in stock
• 5 years warranty

Sales department

For more information please contact our sales department.

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Our assortment

You can contact us for different types of cables and services:

CAT patch cables copper

ACT patch cables (CAT6A, CAT6 en CAT5E) ) are fitted with full copper conductors and comply with the ANSI/TIA-568-C2-1 performance requirements. The combination of a well-structured copper data network, reliable active devices and copper patch cables ensure a trouble-free operating network which will be stable for a long period of time.

Fiber Optic patch cables

The right fiber optic patch cable is essential for a stable network. But how do you choose the right patch cable? What do you have to pay attention to? Which fiber optic patch cable is suitable for your application? In these 5 steps you will read what you need to know to find the correct cable.

Installation cables

Our ACT installation cables comply with the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) regulations. Here's what you need to know about the CPR NEN 8012 regulations.
ACT has expanded the range with fixed twisted pair cabling that meets the CPR standard: the B2ca classification.

Video cables

ACT offers a wide range of professional video cables (with full copper conductor) such as: DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, DVI and USB adapters/converters. In our cable matrix you can find an overview of the ACT video cables. With the ACT Hybrid HDMI and DisplayPort cables, constructed from copper and fibre, you can connect different devices over long distances up to 100 m without loss of data. All cables are delivered on a reel, are very flexible and easy to install.

Audio cables

ACT offers a wide range of professional audio cables:
• Microphone cables
• DMX cables
• Standard audio cables
• High quality transparent oxygen-free copper cable with gold-plated connectors

Power cables

Power cables deliver power to hardware devices. Intronics provides different types of power cords: CEE7/7, Euro, UK and US cables. All this cables stand for excellent performance (quality) and durability. Our range of power cables consists of: ACT and IECLock.

USB cables

ACT offers a wide range of USB cables, USB adapters and USB Type C Thunderbolt cables.

Custom made cabling and labeling

In addition to the extensive range of cabling, Intronics is specialized in custom made cabling and labelling. Almost anything is possible in the field of copper and fibre assemblies.

Cable management

Choose cable management to:
1. Organise and guide bundeled cables
2. Separate cables per application
3. Identify individual ports

Cable matrix: compact and complete overview of our cable range

The cable matrix is a complete and compact overview of our entire cable range.
You can easily and quickly find the product you are looking for.
  Advantages of the cable matrix
  • Complete and compact overview of our cable range
  • Cable can be found quickly by cable type, length and color

Our professionals are ready to help

Our professionals are ready to help you. Please let us know if you need additional information or assistance in choosing a suitable solution.

For more information, please contact us: +32 (0)14/220 334